Keys for the computerlabs


  • This procedure for the keys of the C&CZ managed computer labs is valid all year, so also during holidays.
  • All keys are managed by Housing & Logistics (HL) reception (HG00.040).

Authorised users

  • All students of the Faculty of Science with a valid student pass.
  • Teachers and employees of the Faculty of Science, e.g. employees of C&CZ and cleaning staff.
  • External students taking a course within the Faculty of Science. The teacher contacts Housing & Logistics reception with a list of these students.

Opening/closing procedure

  • Housing & Logistics reception opens and closes according to the schedule below.

                                                                          Friday   Saturday
                                                                          donderdag][Monday -                         

TK023 open/close 8.30-21.30 8.30-21.30 9.30-16.00

TK029, TK075, TK206, TK053, TK625 open/close 8.30-18.00 8.30-18.00

Studielandschap open/close 8.30-22.00 8.30-20.00 9.30-16.00

Library of [openen/sluiten[open/close] 8.30-22.00 8.30-20.00 9.30-16.00 Science]

Other issues

  • C&CZ makes sure that there are signs in the computer labs stating:
    • that reservations have precedence;
    • what the opening hours are;
    • that only authorised persons are allowed;
    • that no smoking/eating is allowed.
  • External courses are reserved through [Housing & Logistics]. These can be viewed in the room reservation system. The name of the teacher cannot be seen in this way. Therefore the HL room reservation will have to give the name of the teacher to HL reception.
  • Almost all computer labs can be reserved for courses. In that case the teacher/reception has the right to ask all persons not taking the course to leave the room.
  • Because of environmental considerations all PCs in the computer labs are switched off automatically just after closing time, except for the computer labs that are at that moment used as a compute cluster during the night. For reservations of the computer labs outside opening hours it is therefore necessary to contact C&CZ beforehand, to make sure that the PC’s are available and up and running.