Old pc clearance

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

Update, September 6: There are already more requests than available PC’s. Next year there will probably be a PC clearance again.

This year too, C&CZ will give away old PC’s from the PC labs. The PC’s are Dell Optiplex USFF 760 “little backpacks” including monitor, keyboard and mouse. The hard disc has been wiped, the PC’s given are without operating system or any form of warranty, help or support. PC’s are ‘only given to students of the Faculty of Science’. There is a maximum of 1 PC per person. Send a mail to helpdesk@science.ru.nl, the C&CZ helpdesk specifying your Science mail address, i.e. ending in @student.science.ru.nl. This offer is valid until October 1, 2013 or until the supply runs out. You will get a mail with a date/time to collect your PC.