Free printbudget for testing of Péage

This post is over 5 years old, it may be out of date.

In the next months, the C&CZ managed Konica Minolta MFP’s will be transferred to the RU wide print/copy/scan system Péage. Students and staff of the Faculty of Science are requested to test this, in order to tackle problems in an early stage. To encourage this, the first dozens of these that register at the Science Postmaster will receive free Péage budget when they share their experiences after testing. One Péage MFP has been available for several years near the cafetaria in the Huygens building. During the test, another one is placed in the central street near wing 5 on the second floor. After the test, the first group KM’s to be switched to Péage are located on the ground floor and mezzanine. C&CZ will maintain FNWI-specific instructions at the C&CZ Péage page.