The Radboud University makes use of a Content Management System (CMS) for websites. All CMS based RU websites are hosted by the ISC. The university’s Communication department (part of Radboud Services) is the owner of the service and responsible for its proper operation. C&CZ also offers WWW_Services. Which type of service is best suited depends on the functional requirements. C&CZ happily advises on this matter.

Functional Management and Support

All faculties and clusters have one or more facultary CMS functional managers. The main tasks of the functional managers are:

  • User and access management for CMS users i.e. web site maintainers.
  • Creating new web sites for (new) CMS users, removing obsolete sites, and reordering the overall structure of web sites on behalf of the owner(s) if necessary.
  • Technical support and advice for CMS users, including the coordination of new bug notifications between CMS users and the Communication department.
  • Coordination of information about the CMS between users and the Communication department.
  • Limited and occasional content management of general facultary web pages (seldomly whole web sites).

Contact information for the functional managers can be found on the Contact page.

Web Site Maintainers

There are many CMS based web sites at our faculty and thus many site maintainers. There is a mailing list one can subscribe to, in order to receive information about the CMS, maintenance issues, bug notifications, etc.