For quick access to your email, use one of these webmailers:



Email settings

When setting up your e-mail programs, it is sufficient to only enter your e-mail address. This is what your Science email address looks like:


All technical settings are then automatically filled in for you. If that does not work, or if it is necessary to fill in the details yourself, use the settings in the table below:

Incoming email

item setting description
mailprotocol IMAP With this protocol, your mail is stored on the mail server.
server name post.science.ru.nl The server for reading your email. This is where your mail folders live.
port 993
encryption SSL/TLS This encryption is used in the communication of your email program and the mail server.
user name scienceloginname Use your Science account.

Outgoing email

item setting description
servername smtp.science.ru.nl This server is used for sending email.
port 587
encryption STARTTLS
user name scienceloginnaam Use your Science account.

Address book

item setting
addressbook server ldap.science.ru.nl
port 389
basedn DN: o=addressbook

Science mail features

Consult the DHZ page for settings regarding your email.

  • C&CZ uses open protocols for email. This means that you can check mail with a program of your own preference.
  • A simple antivirus- and antispam-filter is applied to every mail message upon arrival.
  • Mailboxes can be shared between users.
  • Also labels for mail can be shared with other users.
  • Using Sieve mail messages can be filtered on the server.
  • There are two options for setting up mailing lists: address-lists and mailman. Address-lists containing external addresses are not recommended anymore, because of antispam measures taken at the external organisation.
  • Automatically forwarding mail by employees and students to external addresses is not allowed for security reasons since August 2023.
  • The storage space for your mail is 5 GB by default. This can be expanded on request.


The “sent” mail folder is often overlooked when cleaning up email. Search this folder for the mails with the largest attachments.

Address lists

Mail sent to mailing lists is sent to its members. Lists can be managed through DIY. Need a new list? Contact Postmaster. Address-lists containing external addresses are not recommended anymore, because of antispam measures taken at the external organisation.

Mailman mailing lists

C&CZ manages a mailing listserver based on Mailman. A mailman list is advised for lists containing external addresses. See the mailman page for more info.

Sharing mailboxes

This can easily be set in Roundcube webmail, at the bottom left near the gear icon, via ‘Folder options’ and double-clicking on a folder, but also in an email program such as Kmail. Please use scienceloginnames only. The person who is allowed to use the folder often still has to subscribe to that folder. When a user reads an email, it is not automatically marked as read for all users. You can ask postmaster to alter this setting on the specific mailbox.

Alternative mail settings

  • Besides the IMAP protocol, the POP3 protocol is supported. If you don’t know what POP3 is, do not use it ;-). If you insist on using POP, the service listens on port 995.
  • The recommended way of sending mail is using authenticated SMTP. However, from some networks within the Huygens building network, it is possible to deliver unauthenticated mail. In that case, mail should be delivered on port 25 after which it will be checked for virusses and/or spam.

@ru.nl mail


For almost all info on your @ru.nl mail and calendar, see the central RU website. Because is doesn’t have the info on how to use Mozilla Thunderbird with RU mail, we provide that here (pictures in Dutch).

Every student and employee of the Radboud University should have a @ru.nl email address in the format:


Forwarding @ru.nl mail

It is possible to forward @ru.nl mail to another mail address within ru.nl. For security reasons, forwarding to external mail addresses is not allowed. Forwarding can be arranged in the webmailer. Steps:

  • Log in to https://mail.ru.nl
  • Go to “Settings” (gear icon), then “Options” > “Organize email”.
  • By clicking the +, a new rule can be created for incoming messages.
  • Choose the option to redirect all incoming email to another email address.